Recorders Not Recording?

Python is one of the best things to happen with OpenSees. Unfortunately, the break from Tcl has not been squeaky clean. One of the stickiest transition points has been element recorders. When we wrote the internal setResponse functions to identify which element, section, material, or fiber response to record, we put C-style int argc, char … Continue reading Recorders Not Recording?

There’s a Wrapper for That

Many publications describe software design patterns for reusing object-oriented software. The most widely read book on design patterns is so influential that it has its own Wikipedia page. In this book, the "Gang of Four" offers two guiding principles for software design patterns. The first principle is to program to an interface, not an implementation, … Continue reading There’s a Wrapper for That

Results of a New Challenge

After proposing a modeling challenge for linear-elastic analysis of a strongback frame, I proposed a second challenge for linear-elastic analysis of the Ziemian frame. There were eight participants in this challenge, an increase from five for the first challenge. Due to the light gravity loads on the frame, whether or not the analysis included self-weight … Continue reading Results of a New Challenge

Not Just a Modeling Term

Master/slave is common terminology to describe relationships in many technical fields, e.g., between tables in databases or between devices in control systems. The terminology also appears in finite element analysis where the response of one node controls the response of another node through constraints. However, this terminology is based on archaic relationships within our society. … Continue reading Not Just a Modeling Term