Concrete02 with Control of the Initial Stiffness

Although they have the same compressive envelope, Concrete02 offers more features than Concrete01--tension strength, tension stiffening, and compressive unloading/reloading loops. However, one thing Concrete02 (and Concrete01) lacks is control over the initial stiffness, which is fixed at $latex E_c=2f'_c/\varepsilon_{c0}$. To overcome this limitation with Concrete02, Dr. Nasser Marafi created Concrete02IS (Concrete02 with control of the … Continue reading Concrete02 with Control of the Initial Stiffness

Making Sense Out of Concrete02

Those three extra parameters for Concrete02 are usually enough to make me stick with Concrete01. I struggle to come up with good values for the parameters $latex \lambda$, $latex f_t$, and $latex E_{ts}$ shown in the following image from the OpenSees Concrete02 wiki page. Image developed by Dr. Silvia Mazzoni The four compressive backbone parameters … Continue reading Making Sense Out of Concrete02