I Missed Again

When I come up with "great" exam questions, only a handful of students get the correct answer while the remaining students misunderstand the question. Same thing happens on social media. Prior to Twitter's full-on death spiral, I tweeted a quiz on the MVLEM element, a formulation available in OpenSees for modeling shear walls. Only 5 … Continue reading I Missed Again

Fuzzy Zero Length Logic

There's a few interpretations floating around regarding the length--real or implied--of zero length elements in OpenSees. So, I made a Twitter poll to assess popular opinion. https://twitter.com/mikusscott/status/1516085441895624705 Despite being an "easy" question, only 50% of respondents chose the correct answer. Like "When was the War of 1812?", the question gives it away--zero length elements have … Continue reading Fuzzy Zero Length Logic

Five Tweets from the Bot

The OpenSees Twitter bot is almost two years old. The bot has 356 followers, compared to 200 followers a year ago. Impressive OpenSees work continues to be tweeted. Here are five of the most recent tweets gleaned by @OpenSeesTweets. https://twitter.com/NHE_SimCenter/status/1460763867047501831 https://twitter.com/ccaprani/status/1459045946159812608 https://twitter.com/mikusscott/status/1451608792135651330 https://twitter.com/SilviaMazzoni_/status/1450195727783641088 https://twitter.com/6icees2021/status/1447127835261480960

It’s a Fine Line

The OpenSees Twitter bot started in December 2019 but didn't "like and retweet" #OpenSees tweets retroactively. So, out of curiosity, I searched Twitter the other day for the first use of the #OpenSees hashtag. This tweet from 2011 came up as the winner: https://twitter.com/drescolano/status/45099760868274176 Not an uncommon sentiment. Now, ten years later, I asked David … Continue reading It’s a Fine Line

OpenSeesPy Is Not Terrible for the Environment

This tweet made the rounds in late September, early October. Those new to OpenSeesPy, or unaware of how it works, might have been alarmed. I'm here to reassure you that OpenSeesPy is not a huge CO2 producer like native Python code. https://twitter.com/R_Trotta/status/1309457430267523072 OpenSeesPy is C++ code that calls the Python C/C++ API so that you … Continue reading OpenSeesPy Is Not Terrible for the Environment