Two Thousand Concrete23!

Happy new year! Although the long-awaited Concrete23 will not be released this year, I look forward to what lies ahead with OpenSees. Being the first full week of January, it's blog delurking time. Long time listeners, first time callers, say hello in the comments section and let everyone know what you're OpenSeesing in 2023.

I Missed Again

When I come up with "great" exam questions, only a handful of students get the correct answer while the remaining students misunderstand the question. Same thing happens on social media. Prior to Twitter's full-on death spiral, I tweeted a quiz on the MVLEM element, a formulation available in OpenSees for modeling shear walls. Only 5 … Continue reading I Missed Again

Misalignment with OpenSees

OpenSees has been around, solving various earthquake engineering and other problems, for over 20 years. So, I become skeptical when someone reports an error in the fundamental mathematical formulations of OpenSees. Source: Typically, the "error" comes down to misalignment of what you think OpenSees should do, e.g., based on your experience with another structural … Continue reading Misalignment with OpenSees