Monte Carlo Simulation

The uncertainty associated with a finite element analysis is as important, if not more important, than the results of the analysis itself. Thanks to Terje Haukaas, OpenSees has several modules for finite element reliability analysis: FORM, FOSM, SORM, and several other methods to quantify uncertainty. Unfortunately, those methods have not yet made their way into … Continue reading Monte Carlo Simulation

Five Tweets from the Bot

The OpenSees Twitter bot is almost two years old. The bot has 356 followers, compared to 200 followers a year ago. Impressive OpenSees work continues to be tweeted. Here are five of the most recent tweets gleaned by @OpenSeesTweets.

Trying to Get a Reaction

OpenSees does not compute reactions automatically because this can be a time consuming process--OpenSees assembles reactions over all nodes in a model, not just over the nodes that are constrained. When performing response history analysis, assembling reactions is likely not something you want or need to do at every time step. You probably just want … Continue reading Trying to Get a Reaction