SSI Modeling Challenge Results

After two modeling challenges (here and here) for the linear-elastic response of frame structures, I thought it would be a good idea to do a soil-structure interaction (SSI) modeling challenge. I feared the large uncertainty of geotechnical engineering relative to structural engineering would stifle participation, but I received four entries. Three participants submitted a single … Continue reading SSI Modeling Challenge Results

Results of a New Challenge

After proposing a modeling challenge for linear-elastic analysis of a strongback frame, I proposed a second challenge for linear-elastic analysis of the Ziemian frame. There were eight participants in this challenge, an increase from five for the first challenge. Due to the light gravity loads on the frame, whether or not the analysis included self-weight … Continue reading Results of a New Challenge

A Semi-Blind Kind of Contest

Contests where researchers and practitioners blindly predict the response of structural systems have produced some rather interesting results. And by "interesting", I mean "all over the place". So much so, that in an effort to protect the contestants, the contest organizers rarely make the results publicly available. Nonlinear structural analysis is hard though. Even with … Continue reading A Semi-Blind Kind of Contest