Semi-Blind Kind of Contest Results

I proposed a simplified model of a strongback frame system as a modeling challenge and five people took the bait. I am happy to report that all five computed the expected roof displacement of 0.0128 mm, give or take 0.0001 mm. Good job, everyone!

Having given this problem as an OpenSeesPy assignment for a couple years in my nonlinear structural analysis class, I decided to mix it up and use G2 for my own entry in this challenge. Fortunately, I got the expected result, then added the input file to the G2 GitHub repository. So, technically, six people won the challenge, but I’m ineligible. And there’s no prize.

Be on the lookout for more challenges though. I’d like to see what everyone gets for nonlinear static pushover analysis of the strongback model. There’s also another frame model, one that I used in class several years ago, that would be good for testing combined material and geometric nonlinearity.

Stay tuned, and stay safe!

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