A Lovely Little Mystery

Most comments in the OpenSees source code convey the purpose of an if-statement, loop, function call, etc. Other comments convey frustration with the author's implementation choices. I have addressed and/or deleted the gentle yet passive aggressive comments Frank left for me in the various places of OpenSees that I have touched. So, while making some … Continue reading A Lovely Little Mystery

OpenSees Scattergories

This is the blog's 200th post, which I will celebrate by not writing something technical. Instead, I will let you know that I organized the other 199 posts into the following Categories: Community - how to be a good OpenSees citizen; modeling challengesConstitutive Models - material, fiber, and section modelsElement Formulations - frame and solid … Continue reading OpenSees Scattergories

Five Tweets from the Bot

The OpenSees Twitter bot is almost two years old. The bot has 356 followers, compared to 200 followers a year ago. Impressive OpenSees work continues to be tweeted. Here are five of the most recent tweets gleaned by @OpenSeesTweets. https://twitter.com/NHE_SimCenter/status/1460763867047501831 https://twitter.com/ccaprani/status/1459045946159812608 https://twitter.com/mikusscott/status/1451608792135651330 https://twitter.com/SilviaMazzoni_/status/1450195727783641088 https://twitter.com/6icees2021/status/1447127835261480960