Two Thousand Concrete23!

Happy new year!

Although the long-awaited Concrete23 will not be released this year, I look forward to what lies ahead with OpenSees.

Being the first full week of January, it’s blog delurking time. Long time listeners, first time callers, say hello in the comments section and let everyone know what you’re OpenSeesing in 2023.

7 thoughts on “Two Thousand Concrete23!

  1. Happy New Year Michael. Your blog posts have been a key resource to learn Opensees. I’m involved in design of a ferry terminal in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m using Opensees to carry out all dynamic analyses of various terminal structures. I’ll be busy with Concrete23 model.

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  2. Hi Michael! Happy New Year!

    Thank you for this amazing blog. It’s been a great place for me and my students to keep learning about OpenSees

    Here in Colombia we’re developing a National Seismic Risk Model and my students and I will be Openseeing Thin RC wall buildings. So far we have 58 models

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  3. Happy Two Thousand Concrete23! 🙂

    In the project I am part of I am OpenSeesing nonlinear input-state estimation of offshore platforms subjected to wave loads. I wouldn’t know how to do this without OpenSees, which allows to extract -all- the information from the FE model, do some calculations, and use those for new FE analyses.

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