A Lovely Little Mystery

Most comments in the OpenSees source code convey the purpose of an if-statement, loop, function call, etc. Other comments convey frustration with the author’s implementation choices.

I have addressed and/or deleted the gentle yet passive aggressive comments Frank left for me in the various places of OpenSees that I have touched. So, while making some simple web edits today, I was amused to see the following neither gentle nor passive comment on what is now line 67 of ShellNLDKGQ.h.

The same comment also appears in ShellNLDKGT.h, ShellDKGQ.h, and ShellDKGQ.h.

So, who would have made this comment?

It was definitely not the authors of the aforementioned shell elements.

I do have a pretty solid idea of who did this though, as would Frank along with two–maybe three–people who read the blog. As for a motive, I have no idea.

Any theories?

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