How to Cite a Blog Post

How to cite OpenSees was one of the blog’s first posts. Several posts have been made since. Most of them non-sense, but there’s a couple that have enough technical content to be citation-worthy.

Based on its style guide, ASCE treats blog posts like a website where you provide the author, title and publication year of the post, blog name, access date, and URL. Other style guides, e.g., APA, require the same information.

For example, if you accessed the 2019 “How to Cite OpenSees” blog post on April 21, 2021, your ASCE-style citation would look like:

Scott, M. H. (2019) “How to Cite OpenSees.” Portwood Digital (blog). Accessed April 21, 2021.

Go ahead and use my real name so that Google Scholar doesn’t confuse me with Definite, P. Or should I create an alt Google Scholar profile for Positive Definite? What do you think?

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