Start Over Again

This week is International Blog Delurking Week. If you read the blog but never comment, please say Hello in the Comments section below and let us know how you came across the blog. Don’t be shy. Frequent and infrequent commenters are also welcome to say Hello and give their back stories.

Now, on to important human subjects research.

I made this Twitter poll to see how people in the intersection of the Twitter and OpenSees communities would like to start off the new year.

While the question is straightforward, the options are open to interpretation:

  • loadConst – don’t give me any more sh!t to do this year
  • reset – I’d like to try that again
  • sendSelf – send me somewhere else, perhaps far away
  • wipe – I’d like to start over from square one

The poll was not designed well–sendSelf is not an actual OpenSees command, but rather, the C++ function that implements the save command for database and parallel processing. Likewise, the recvSelf function implements the restore command.

In hindsight, I should have included save and restore in the poll. The results could have been very different.

5 thoughts on “Start Over Again

  1. Hi,

    Another regular reader here 🙂 I stumbled across the blog on someone’s webpage or github page, where different links to OpenSees resources were given. I don’t remember whose page though!

    I would go for loadConst, in view of a new dynamic analysis.

    Thanks for all the good content.

    Liked by 1 person

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