Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups

Tables 7-6 through 7-13 of the AISC Steel Manual contain values for C, the effective number of bolts that resist shear in eccentrically loaded bolt groups. For example, in a bolt group with three vertical rows of 4 bolts spaced s=3 inch with srow=3 inch row spacing and a load at $latex \theta$=30 degrees from … Continue reading Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups

Rigid Diaphragm for 2D Models

The rigidDiaphragm command allows you to constrain the motion of multiple secondary nodes to the motion of a primary node, e.g., when simulating rigid floor diaphragms in 3D structural models. But what if you want to enforce rigid diaphragm constraints for a 2D model, e.g., as shown below? Prior to PR #764, you would have … Continue reading Rigid Diaphragm for 2D Models