RBOC: Influence Lines

  • If you are looking to build a following on Twitter, this 30-day reply challenge should help. Although the interaction of a connection is different from that of a follower, adapting the challenge to LinkedIn should help build your network on that platform as well.
  • Your tweets have value. Based on number of followers, engagement rate, and other metrics, online calculators, such as this one, estimate possible earnings from your tweets. For example, every automated retweet from the OpenSees Twitter bot is currently valued in the $4.50-7.50 range. Of course, no one actually gives the bot this money, but it is cool to see what’s happening with OpenSees in the Twitterverse.
  • Publications and citations are the currency of academia. Billable hours are the currency of consulting engineers. Not exposure. Replace “Assassins” with “Engineers” and this video makes a lot of sense.

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