OpenSees started with Tcl and is now riding the wave of Python’s popularity. But, it’s not too soon to ask which language the next OpenSees interpreter will use.

In my opinion, Julia is the front runner.

However, I would like to put a bid in for Brainf*ck, an esoteric programming language shown to me a few years ago by a colleague in Eastchester.

According to its Wikipedia page, the name refers to something “so complicated or unusual that it exceeds the limits of one’s understanding”. While this description applies to some OpenSees analyses, visualizations, and tutorials I have seen online, the programming language itself should not be unusable.

So, although the language can be translated into C using basic substitutions and pointer arithmetic, I doubt we will see OpenSeesBf any time soon.

3 thoughts on “OpenSeesBf

  1. Hi Professor. julia is indeed a language worth considering. Can you guide me on how to add julia interface to OpenSees? Or when is the OpenSees development team planning to do this? Thanks.


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