A Blog in Motion

It has been two years since the blog’s first post, which was neither interesting nor informative. Since then, the blog has become unstoppable.

Not unstoppable in the Michael Jordan in the NBA Playoffs kind of way, but in the sense that momentum makes it difficult to stop posting.

Until that time comes, here are summary stats from the blog’s first two years.

The two year total views and visitors (counted by WordPress) are shown below.

These numbers are good compared to year one. The “Best views ever” maps to this post.

It looks like ~400 words per post is my sweet spot.

The way this post is going, the 2021 average word count will dip below 400 after I hit “Publish”.

The main takeaway is the total word count of 59,304, which is equivalent to 5 or 6 journal articles. With 64,087 views, I’m happy!

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