Non-Fungible OpenSees

The latest spam to creep into the OpenSees universe has come from digital artists looking to sell their NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to members of the OpenSees Facebook group. The art is sold through the NFT marketplace,, so I can see the confusion with OpenSees.

Before the group admins remove the NFT posts, I ask the artists how things are going with Concrete23. Sometimes I get a bewildered response that confirms the artist is not a bot. Actual OpenSees users are also confused because Concrete23 does not exist, at least not yet.

I will note that the NFT spam is much nicer to look at than the backlinks and NSFW posts on the OpenSees message board.

This makes me wonder if we can produce and sell NFTs of OpenSees? For example, the original MomentCurvature.tcl or model display scripts, or materials from early OpenSees workshops. Like the one held in the UC Berkeley Engineering Library in 2000 (Enrico Spacone was there!). Or this one held at the Richmond Field Station in 2004. Thanks, Judi!

At any rate, GitHub serves as the digital ledger for contributions to OpenSees. Before GitHub, it was svn, cvs, and the Zip disk Frank kept in his cargo pants.

So, if you’re an OpenSees artist, get your pieces into GitHub. If your work is not there, it’s fungible.

2 thoughts on “Non-Fungible OpenSees

  1. I don’t see much market for opensees-themed NFTs. Then again, I don’t have a good eye for these things.

    Anyway, what I do know is that I’ll be contributing a 3D concrete constitutive model (collab with a friend) if all goes well. Should I name it Concrete23 or AwesomeConcrete? I’m partial to the latter.

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