Random Bullets on Blogging

It’s 2021. So, why blog when peak blogging was like 2007?

Here are some random bullets on why blogging works for me.

  • The more you write, the more ideas you generate. Usually it’s ideas for more blog posts, but sometimes it’s new ideas for research.
  • Blog posts have a direct, conversational tone. Like I’m talking with you, not at you.
  • Blog posts make nice homes for half-baked, less-than-LPU manuscripts that have languished for years.
  • Many questions posted on the OpenSees message board, Facebook group, or GitHub have already been answered in a blog post. I respond with a link.
  • If a question from an online forum can’t be answered by a simple Google search, I’ll write a blog post with my answer. I read in another blog that a blog post is the greatest gift you can give someone who asks a question.
  • I supplement course materials (lecture notes, examples, assignments, and projects) with blog posts. Students seem to like this.
  • Just like in-person lectures, I infuse blog posts with references to obscure 80s and 90s American pop culture. Very few students seem to get this–I should update my references.

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