Striking YouTube Gold

It’s been a busy week, one in which I have not managed my time very well. While 71 posts sit in my Drafts folder, I haven’t sat down to get one to the finish line. So, why not add more to the Drafts folder?

While the history and use of reliability modules in OpenSees will be the subject of future posts, for now, here’s a 2014 PEER webinar I did on basic reliability analysis.

My voice sounds “normal” for the first minute, then the video is sped up by 1.25x–just enough to make me sound helium-filled for the next 55 minutes. Was the YouTube maximum video length one hour in 2014?

Regardless, there’s a lot of good content in this video. And it reminds me that I need to get all of the reliability commands working in OpenSeesPy.

2 thoughts on “Striking YouTube Gold

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