Syllabus by Blogging

Since joining the faculty at Eastchester, I’ve taught nonlinear structural analysis many times. The course content is shaped by what I learned, and continue to learn, from Frank, Greg, Filip, and Silvia.

The blog is another outcropping of what I’ve learned. So I’ve integrated many of the posts into the course, which consists of the nine modules listed below.

1 – Overview of Nonlinear Structural Analysis

2 – Equilibrium Solution Algorithms

3 – Load Incrementation Strategies

4 – OpenSees Finite Element Framework

5 – Numerical Integration

6 – Section Analysis

7 – Material Nonlinear Frame Element Formulations

8 – Geometric Nonlinear Frame Element Formulations

9 – Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

There’s much more to nonlinear structural analysis than these nine modules. Covering all the material in a single academic quarter would be impossible. That would take years–and many more blog posts.

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