OpenSees Blog Delurking Week

It’s 2021 International Blog Delurking Week–the first full week of January. A lot has changed since last year’s delurking week.

Whether you lurk, running OpenSees in your cave, or actively comment here on the blog or on the OpenSees message board or Facebook group, please say “Hello” in the Comments section and let everyone know your thoughts about OpenSees and how you stumbled across the blog.


10 thoughts on “OpenSees Blog Delurking Week

  1. Hello PD,
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts and support you extend for OpenSees. I personally like OpenSees because of it’s powerful capabilities and the generosity with which it is distributed freely.

    Can you shed light on different norms that OpenSees uses in ‘test’ command ? They are like black magic for most of the users. We just randomly change something and it clicks. Can you just give an overview and direct us to relevant resources.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi PD,

    Happy new year and thank you for everything–from these blog posts to answering our (oftentimes stupid) questions with patience.


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  3. Hi.

    Thank you for your work with OpenSees. I’m a big fan because I think that open-source software (or, even better, free software) is the natural evolution of the tools structural engineers have used in the past. For me, it’s unbearable to use a machine I cannot modify or even understand how it works.

    Happy new year to all of you!


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  4. Hi Michael Scott,

    After my graduation, I wanted to try GNU Linux then came to know about free software. I was totally inspired by the philosophy of free software. Before that, I was super fan of SAP2000. I was interested in source code of SAP. Later, on one blog/presentation, I came to know about Opensees that it is a free alternative to Sap2k and has strong support from University of Berkeley.

    From there I got into opensees. For me a big hurdle was a lack of GUI and being unable to run models as described step by step in SAP2K tutorial. My first OS was windows and first programming language was vb6/.NET so it was hard for me to understand a totally different, string based scripting language like tcl. I thought of it as a command prompt shell for opensees but later I came to know that shell scripts can be programmed and tcl can also be scripted and it has power like matlab. Also the opensees forum, help an example problems were different than other free projects.

    Later with time, I have now managed to compile, run and use opensees and make models of my interest. These days, the knowledge of opensees has exploded and because of a very high level object oriented language like python, github and social media, things are now easy.

    I belive in free software philosophy and free sharing of knowledge. I am interested in understanding material models and elements for solving problems from research to design. Opensees helps me in that.

    I am also inspired by your dedication and support for opensees. I also like to be among the strong community that has been built around opensees.


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