Compiling OpenSees

In the early days of G3/OpenSees, I was in change of compiling the Windows version using Visual C++, part of Visual Studio. Frank maintained the Linux version.

Pretty soon after arriving in Eastchester, I switched to compiling OpenSees on Linux and periodically compiled in Visual Studio–only when I absolutely had to do so.

Visual Studio has a free Community Edition now, so I decided to give it another shot. Most things are the same (the GitHub integration is pretty nice) and I managed to compile OpenSees.exe again. I also compiled opensees.pyd, the OpenSees Python module that goes into the openseespy pip package.

In Linux, all you have to do is type make python in the OpenSees/ root directory. This will create in the OpenSees/SRC/interpreter directory.

2 thoughts on “Compiling OpenSees

  1. Dear sir,
    Can you please make make a video on the quick main version also. Compiling our own version of main function.

    Thank you.


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