OpenSees Documentation

The documentation for OpenSees is moving to a GitHub repository and will be in RST format, a markup style language that is easy to learn. Being on GitHub, anyone can contribute to the documentation.

But, I was recently reminded by the author of the OpenSees manual that “easy to learn” and “anyone can contribute” were the selling points for putting OpenSees documentation on the wiki pages in 2008.

Will this turn be any different?

One thought on “OpenSees Documentation

  1. Hi Michael H. Scott,

    I am reading your blog from very beginning. No one has replied to this so I thought I need to comment on this post.

    If someone can learn opensees using tcl or python, (s)he will be very technical and can learn rst format very easily. In case if someone needs conversion from other formats, then, it can be done easily using pandoc.

    I see on github that most of the projects use rst format. It is also used in sphinx documentation. Many python projects use it because it makes code documentation very easy with auto generating feature and maintaining version of documentation along with respective version of code. It is not limited to github but can move along with project files. Other features are listed on stackoverflow and quora.

    So in my view, using rst format is the easiest way for contribution to opensees documentation.

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